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Event Summary

Come spend an evening in conversation with local millennials who have been featured in the Made In Philly series for work they’re doing to shape their communities. This is a free event.

Philadelphia Inquirer
801 Market Street
Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA, 19107

Event Details

Making Mental Health Care More Accessible
Even as people become more open to discussing mental health and seeking help, many are unable to get the care they need. A lack of psychiatrists, high copays, and long waitlists are just a few of the obstacles that stand in the way. But there are young people around the region working to address this issue, from creating an art gallery that offers therapy in a destigmatized setting to using their own experience living with mental illness to help peers. Come learn more about these initiatives and discuss ideas to expand mental health care to everyone.


Forging Your Path as an Entrepreneur
Building your own brand or product can be a difficult feat, especially in today’s digital age, where it seems like a new startup is sprouting up every day. But sometimes all it takes is looking at your own community and filling in the gaps -- that’s what these Philly-based entrepreneurs did. Come gain valuable insight on how these entrepreneurs took “just an idea” or a personal goal and turned it into a sustainable product or business.   


Empowering Women of Color
In a society that has long discriminated against women and people of color, being a woman of color comes with a unique set of challenges. But Philly women are taking charge and leading change, from speaking out against sexual violence to building teenage girls’ self esteem and empowering them to make informed health decisions. Come discuss ways we can continue this work and help future generations break down barriers for black and brown women.


Fostering LGBTQ Community in Philadelphia
While national legislation has moved toward the acceptance of same sex marriages and Pride flags can be seen flying from windows, a long standing record of discrimination has still left the LGBTQ+ community widely marginalized. But Philadelphians are showing up for each other. Form parties to networking events to educational workshops, LGBTQ+ meetups around the city are giving people a chance to connect and grow together. Join in a discussion with people who are committed to creating safe spaces centering queer and trans people of color in your neighborhoods.


Program Agenda

5:30 pm - 6:00 pm - Reception (Public Space) 
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm - Conversations Breakout